Friday, May 22, 2009

Watch The Ball

Two of my boys are outside playing baseball right now. Lincoln and George have found they both love the perfect game of baseball! It is so fun to see how these two little boys take turns pitching to each other and then claiming that every hit is a home run. They really do take turns. They know that once one of them gets a good hit (not a foul ball or foul tip), the other gets to bat. This also means they take turn pitching to each other, which can be very comical to see them trying so desperately to throw a strike.

Every day, George asks, "Lincoln, baseball?" And Lincoln replies, "Sure, George!", and off they run to find the bat and the ball.

When it is George's turn to pitch, he says, "Watch the ball, watch the ball." Obviously he has picked up on Mom and Dad's coaching :)

It struck me that this little boy from Ethiopia has so quickly picked up our national pastime. Now, he happened to be placed with a family that is slightly obsessed with baseball, but none the less, he could have been an artistic, sensitive type who didn't enjoy sports of any kind. Instead, God blessed us with another child who loves to play baseball! George has watched Brewers games with us at night, although that habit has not quite picked up as quickly as other ones, as we usually find him pushing a Matchbox car around the living room and then cheers when he hears the rest of the family cheering. We'll teach him the nuances of the game soon enough.

George will get his first taste of big league baseball this Monday! Joe has 4 tickets to the Brewers game and after thinking about it, we decided that Joe would take the three boys. I am not going to be bitter that Joe and Harry have already been to a game and Mom has not been to any, but no, I am not going to discuss that here. I will be happy for George, and I'll be praying that he enjoys it and they will be able to stay for the whole game.

Driving down North Avenue has been a treat the last few days, as Wauwatosa has decided to blanket the street with American flags. Every flag we pass George shouts, "America!" Now, Lincoln has decided to join in the fun. So, as we drive down North (which I am happy to avoid now), they both are constantly shouting "America!"

I asked George today if he wanted to be called George or Georgebush. He shook his head vehemently and said, "Momma, America. George." It struck me how much he is embracing this new life. I know he is scared and that fear comes out as a difficult, naughty boy at times, but overall, he is excited to be in America. He has a new name, he has new clothes, he has shoes that he adores! And...I am beginning to think he really wants to be here.

So, the boys are still outside, still playing baseball. And I can hear my son reminding Lincoln, "Watch the ball!" Every now and then I hear a "Whoooo! Home run!" and I can just imagine the smiles on their faces. It is good to be in America, right George?


Cory and Margaret said...

Awwww, George, I can already tell you are an AWESOME kid!!!! Just wait until 4th of July!!! :)

MzzLily said...

I just finished reading ALL of your May postings. Thank you for your honesty and openness about this relationship. I knew it would be tough, but it never crossed my mind that it would be THIS tough! And I never thought about the other kids' feelings. What a journey! God is faithfull. It touched my heart to read how God kept putting His people in your path. I will make time someday to catch up on the rest. I look forward to your next blog post.