Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I laid in bed listening to a very quiet house on Mother's Day. No one was up yet and I thought about what I wanted more than anything this day. I did not want breakfast in bed, a new diamond ring, or even a gift certificate to J. Jill (although - someday those things would be nice!).

What I wanted was a picture. Simple as that. When I first became a momma, I remember Joe lifting a very pudgy baby girl who was dressed in a frilly frock into my arms and grabbing the camera. That was and still is one of my favorite pictures for it represented a new part of my life, being a mother.

A few years later, Joe took a picture in the backyard of the first house we owned. Ellie had her signature bob by now and was sitting at my side with a perfect bow. Harry was squirming in my lap, he was about 6 months old. He had a curl in the middle of his forehead and a knowing smile.

After these, there are two more pictures that signify a new kind of Mother's Day, for they included our newest child. Each one of those pictures mean so much to me

I haven't had a new picture for 3 years. And as I lie there, I thought how great it would be to have a new one, this time representing the new phase of our lives with George.

Our day started out OK - the usual, if you ask me. But, right before church we had a tantrum over shoes. I think it was because I asked him to put his shoes on and since Joe was home, George is all about Joe! I left the house and got the other 4 into the van, but could hear my wonderful husband sitting George down and saying, "You need to listen to your momma!"

George did well in church and we came home and had a small cook out of grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. The kids drew self-portraits in chalk on the driveway and put my favorite verse on the front steps, "He will gently lead those with young." We played two-square, baseball, played on the swings and batted balloons around the yard...it was a fun day. Slowly, George started warming to me, laughing and eventually throwing a frisbee with me.

After dinner we were all tired as could be, so we put the kids to bed early. That night, George let me kiss him on the forehead and say "Good night. Sweet dreams." And he answered, "Good night, Momma."

I didn't get my picture, but I have the memory of my first Mother's Day with George being one that saw us continuing to grow closer together. For that, I am grateful!

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