Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...

Ok - I am totally dating myself here. For those of you who started singing a Pointer Sisters song are probably right around my age :) I recieved some great information over the last two days and I have been singing this song ever since.

Two weeks! Two weeks! There is not much more to say. But, I really do have more to say, probably because I am so excited!

Yesterday, I recieved the latest medical report on George. I am never happy with his lack of weight gain, but I know that will change quickly in a matter of two weeks. (Did I mention we were leaving in two weeks?) What I just love to read are the comments about his personality. Here are some excerpts:

Healthy and Sociable, a bit shy, open, He is able to experience his feeling for me example if he feel sick he is telling me that he is sick. He is very kind.

No, Medication is given for him because of having good health status.

George was not admitted in the Hospital. He is in very good health status. He is very sweet boy. He knows some English words and drawing well.

What jumps out to me, each time I get a medical report, are the comments about his disposition. Over and over, I hear words like "sweet", "shy", "kind". The caregivers won't wrote about Sweet Baby Georgebush. Then I see the pictures of the boy, with a dimple, looking at pictures of us with the sweetest little smile...and I believe I am letting down my guard.

It's really starting to happen. I am in love with this child! My heart races when I think about seeing him, and I imagine spending quiet moments in Ethiopia with him. We won't have many words to share, but my hope is that a mother's hug will speak volumes.

Today, I was surprised with George's birth certificate! Wow! I wan't expecting that. So, there is it. An official document with an official seal that says George is our son. The Ethiopian court re-named him Gorge Bush Joseph Weldie and gave him a birthdate of 2/22/2002 (isn't that cool?'s George Washington's birthday - even cooler!). As you read on, there is it...Father - Joseph Weldie, Mother - Traci Weldie. It really is real now. He is our son. He has our last name and we are his parents.

Last week, I was frozen with fear and the knowledge of how much work needed to be done. Today, I find myself smiling a lot and laughing to myself as I think that now I am a mother of 5. Five!

I can remember all to clearly the days of teaching high school as a single woman driving a 1979 Toyota Celica with 200K miles! I can remember going home to an empty apartment and cooking up some Uncle Ben's rice and eating all alone in front of the TV. Often, I would wonder what the next decade would bring. I can tell you honestly, that the idea of having 5 kids, one of whom is adopted form Africa, never entered my mind!

It is pretty amazing what happens when you start following after God, hard. He may surprise us fact, I would bet on it.

Anyway - I am so excited!


Cory and Margaret said...

Oh, I just LOVE all the wonderful spirit coming from this posting!! I cannot wait to hear of your adventures in Ethiopia and read about your son some more!!!

Redeemed Mama said...

I too was alone once in an apartment eating frozen burritos in front of the TV. I won't say which programs, cause that will definitely date me! Just imagine us sitting there thinking how lonely those days were, and now how we have such few lonely moments. Wowza, God does set the lonely in families! Sometimes really big ones:) Happy travels, enjoy your new son, hugs, mom to five also, one still waiting. Tammy