Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can This Day Get Any Better?

I just finished writing about how excited I am after getting two amazing emails. Then, I get this! Two new pictures and the follwing update :

Georgebush always presents himself as a warm and happy boy. He has a wonderful and smiling face and good approach with nannies and with his age group. He has a very good appetite and his favorite foods are bread with tea, meat wat and injerra (I will be running down to the Ethiopian cottage to get some help!), and mango jouse (not sure what this is, but will investigate). He is very good with babies and has good sociability. Likes to play with kids his age. He is practicing to speak English and has good understanding of it by listening. Speaking English is limited to drawing a picture. He still has no health problems. THIS IS GREAT THANKFUL!

Oh my...I'm in love!

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Cory and Margaret said...

Mango jouse, I am guessing is Mango juice and they have that at Ethiopian Cottage too! It is pretty delicious!!

He is just so precious!! So excited for you!!!