Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ethiopian Cottage

When we learned the good news that George was now our son (yes, his last name is now Weldie!), we decided to celebrate. What better place to go than the Ethiopian Cottage!

We headed east to downtown Milwaukee and found our favorite spot easily this time (it only took us three times driving down to do so!). Isabel was so confused because she accidentally walked into the next door and saw a giant panda and chopsticks. Once we got her in the correct door, we found a seat at a table. usually we sit at these large baskets where you food is placed, but we thought it would just be crazy with the kids.

Immediately, the owner recognized us and came over to greet us. He has to be one of the nicest men we have ever met. We told him our adoption went through and he cheered and said, "Next time, George will be with you!" He remembered our son's name! Wow! That is customer service.

The kids were very excited about trying new food, especially food they know their new brother likes. They didn't quite understand "the Ethiopian way"; meaning slow. Our kids are accustomed to going to places where they need to wait a while for food, but for some reason (maybe because we had gone very early and there was only one other couple in the place) they expected the food to be delivered pronto. There was quite a bit of dancing around, changing seats, walking around to look at the art. But, Igalatoo (the owner) just watched us and smiled the whole time.

When the food arrived, they all shouted, "What do we do? How do we eat this?" These questions were purely out of curiosity. We had told them about eating with their hands and not having any silverware, but they were baffled about how to use the injera. We demonstrated how you take a piece of the injera, about the size of the palm of your hand, and use that to scoop up the food you want. The choices are amazing! There is a chicken dish, beef and lamb. There are red lentils, yellow lentils and a mixture of potatoes and carrots.

I have to give props to those kids...they tried it. And then, I noticed the faces. Not so happy with dinner. We asked, "What don't you like?" They all answered unanimously...the injera! Since the injera IS the utensil, we flagged down our waitress and asked for 4 forks. She laughed a little and then returned with the forks and then waited at the table to see if the kids would like the food then.

Happy to announce, they dug in...literally! Those forks were flying and they were picking away at their favorites. This left Joe and I with a lot of injera!

We have learned that George loves injera. Funny, how my bio kids thought is was sour and didn't like the texture. The Ethiopian Cottage lets you order injera to take home. I plan on having a good amount waiting for George when he comes home. I am even planning on asking the owner if I can come down for a cooking demonstration or two - anyone want to join me?

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Cory and Margaret said...

I will!! I would LOVE to learn how to make it as would my hubby! I am so excited for you and your family! I cannot wait to meet George!!!!!!