Friday, March 20, 2009

Brewers Fan

Ok - I have noticed something...Lincoln has the same t-shirt on in every picture I have of him! Ocean City, taken in August; dossier pictures, taken in September; Ethiopian Cottage, taken in March - ALL with that Corey Hart t-shirt!

When I saw Lincoln is a Brewers fan, I mean it! Every day I go through the same conversation.

"Time to get dressed."

"Where's my Corey Hart t-shirt?"

"It's in the laundry."

"NO!!!! I have to wear my Corey Hart t-shirt! I'll wear it dirty! Please, please please."

"Oh, all right. You are number four and I could care less if you wear the same t-shirt every day as long as you get dressed."

He does own two other t-shirts that you might see him in, and you guessed it, they are both Brewers t-shirts. Oh, and he just grew into a Prince Fielder shirt.


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